Two Shows in March + New Video

My original jazz quartet, Many Blessings, released our debut album, Arroyo, back in September, celebrating with a near-capacity crowd for our release show at the Whistler. Since then, the band has been laying low, so I'm very excited to announce not one, but TWO shows in the month of March, at two of my favorite venues in Chicago: March 6 at the Whistler and March 29 at the California Clipper. I'd love to see you out at one or both of the shows -- we'll be premiering some new music and will be excited to play our first gigs of the new year.

In the mean time, take a moment to check out this video from our release show. It's a newer tune called "In the Dunes" -- it's not on the record, but we definitely had fun playing it, as you'll witness below: