Arroyo is the debut album by Many Blessings, my original jazz quartet. It's been a long time coming -- I originally founded the band in 2006, while still an undergrad jazz student at Northern Illinois University (with then-classmate Marquis Hill on trumpet). While the band has had periods of more and less activity, I've always considered it to be my primary creative outlet as a composer and drummer, and I'm beyond excited to put a record of this music out into the world. All of the album's nine songs are original compositions of mine, and feature the amazing playing of my bandmates, Quentin Coaxum (trumpet), Jim Schram (tenor sax), and Dan Thatcher (bass). I truly hope you enjoy this music, which can be weird, pretty, loud, soft, chaotic, groovy, and goofy, among other things. I want you to hear it so much that I've made it incredibly convenient for you to listen to it. On Bandcamp, you can stream it for free, purchase a download, or order the physical CD. You can also stream it on Soundcloud or Spotify. Have some iTunes or Amazon gift cards? We're there, too.

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