Many Blessings Update: New Show Announcements, Lotsa Good Press for the New Record


The last time I checked in on this blog/news feed, it was to let you know about my new album, Chit-Chatting With Herbie. Since then, we played a raucously fun release show, the record has found its way into the hands of jazz fans and critics from around the globe, and 5 months have passed. There's no feeling quite like sending a copy of your own CD to a paying customer across the globe, or reading a positive review of your work in a magazine or website that you used to pore over daily. I've been extremely grateful to have experienced both of those feelings many times since the record came out. 

I'm excited to share with you some of the recent press the album received, but first, I'm excited to announce that we are finally playing some more shows in the next few months! We will play a mix of the Herbie Nichols music from the new album, old Many Blessings favorites, and some newly-composed tunes. Mark your calendars:

Below, click around to read some of the reviews of Chit-Chatting With Herbie. And if you still haven't picked up a copy of the CD, check it out here! And check out my extensive digital liner notes here.

  • “Chit-Chatting With Herbie is a timely and brilliant release that simultaneously highlights the work of an ingenious and unrecognized artist and stands on its own as a provocative and satisfying recording." -Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine 
  • “While the pieces retain a 1950s energy and style, the performances occasionally burst into avant-garde clack and squeal, and have a thick-limbed, modern energy when they get romping.” “[Gillan] acquits himself with a crisp and precise control of the kit." -Phil Freeman, The Wire (March 2019 Issue) 
  • “With its thoughtful and expansive takes, Chit-Chatting With Herbie is a meaty and meaningful release that does both Gillan and his musicians and Nichols proud." -Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen 
  • "A lurching, bluesy feel with lots of melodic twists and turns. 'Wildflower' starts out like a ballad but quickly becomes a strutting dance number, with Gillan smacking the drums as the horns coil around each other like mating snakes." -Phil Freeman, Stereogum 
  • “Lucas Gillan has taken on Nichols’ compositions in a tribute album that retains all of the truth and mystery of the artist. His arrangements are wing-spreading approaches." -Marc Myers, JazzWax 
  • "The music sounds fresh, contemporary, and joyous! Kudos to Lucas Gillan's Many Blessings as their performances and music will raise your spirits on the dark nights of winter and year-round." - Richard Kamins, Step Tempest 
  • "Gillan’s arrangements stress how potentially orchestral the music is, with its contrasting strains and voicings. And Many Blessings also proves that Nichols’ music is fertile ground for improvisation." - George Kanzler, New York City Jazz Record