New Many Blessings Album Out! Happy Birthday Herbie Nichols! Release Show Next Week!

Today, January 3, 2019, is the 100th Bitrhday of Herbie Nichols, one of the great under-appreciated geniuses of jazz. In honor of the occasion, my band, Many Blessings, is releasing a tribute album to him called Chit-Chatting With Herbie. It's a track-by-track re-imagining of the 1956 Blue Note LP Herbie Nichols Trio. Read all about our album on the digital liner notes page, and buy it on Bandcamp!

Also, mark your calendars: next Thursday, January 10, we'll be playing a release show and celebrating Herbie's birthday at the Hungry Brain. Show info here. The wonderful pianist Paul Giallorenzo will be opening the show with an all-Herbie set, joined by bassist Anton Hatwich and drummer Quin Kirchner. We'd love to see you there!